ullnevano on Rap Is Outta Control Shade 45 [VIDEO]

Ullnevano appeared on Rap Is Outta Control Shade 45 this past Sunday on October 14, 2018 to chop it up with DJ Eclipse and DJ Rizz along with Durham artist Mark Steele. Before ending the show off the two emcees spit a few bars to let people know that this isn’t a game. Ullnevano kicks off the cipher first with heavy artillery. Check it out.

Confidence is Everything 3 is out now on all digital streaming platforms along with a limited edition cassette available now in the gift shop.

logic marselis on TrueOGSeries Podcast

This past week Logic Marselis was on TrueOGSeries Podcast. On this episode, Logic speaks on his new project, "Super Audio WORLD", his journey becoming a Hip Hop producer,  and the historical impact of the Mos Def & Talib Kweli classic album "Black Star" plus much more. 

dot com intelligence x logic marselis PROTOCULTURE

It's something obscure about Logic Marselis sound when it comes to his production, he's unpredictable and it shows with the artists he's worked with such as Illien Rosewell and UllNevaNo. He's provided the soundscapes for fellow Maryland emcee Dot Com Intelligence to bring the masses PROTOCULTURE. PROTOCULTURE is filled with gems and jewels that would make Public Enemy or Lord Jamar proud. At first listen you can tell that Dot Com is a true pupil for hip hop, with motivating joints such as "DCIR" meaning dream, compose, innovate, repeat. Dot flows over Logic's haunting keys and signature drums that deserves countless replay value, telling listeners he brings pain like a child birth breach. On the U.K. emcee Quartz assisted "High Science", you will find the two emcee exchanging bars over a loopy guitar riffs, that sounds like it was scored for a blaxploitation film.

Dot Com's presence is felt throughout PROTOCULTURE with strong stand out hooks and vocal projection, classified in a category for grown up rap music.

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