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dot com intelligence x logic marselis PROTOCULTURE

It's something obscure about Logic Marselis sound when it comes to his production, he's unpredictable and it shows with the artists he's worked with such as Illien Rosewell and UllNevaNo. He's provided the soundscapes for fellow Maryland emcee Dot Com Intelligence to bring the masses PROTOCULTURE. PROTOCULTURE is filled with gems and jewels that would make Public Enemy or Lord Jamar proud. At first listen you can tell that Dot Com is a true pupil for hip hop, with motivating joints such as "DCIR" meaning dream, compose, innovate, repeat. Dot flows over Logic's haunting keys and signature drums that deserves countless replay value, telling listeners he brings pain like a child birth breach. On the U.K. emcee Quartz assisted "High Science", you will find the two emcee exchanging bars over a loopy guitar riffs, that sounds like it was scored for a blaxploitation film.

Dot Com's presence is felt throughout PROTOCULTURE with strong stand out hooks and vocal projection, classified in a category for grown up rap music.

ullnevano x jumbled THE GHOST OF LEN BIAS

There’s been a lot of talk on the press lately of rappers returning to the in-producer album. The spirit of collaboration has been replaced with Soundcloud singles. The Ghost of Len Bias, is an EP matching up Baltimore artist UllNevaNo and Baltimore producer Jumbled. With a ton of music under his belt, UllNevaNo is more focused than ever and writing his best raps.

Jumbled reached out to UllNevaNo last year – by sending the beat for “How does he do it?” to show he was serious about building with Neva. UllNevano flows over the bluesy guitar riffs with ease, then the hook comes back reminding you that ‘you’ll never know’ how he does it.

“Shoot your Shot” teams UllNevaNo up with Baltimore artist Ashley Sierra. While Neva encourages you to take a chance, Sierra responds. The track has a playfulness, similar to “Let Me Watch” by Viktor Vaughn.

“Bias vs Jordan” puts 2 great artists (and long-time friends) up against each other, UllNevaNo and Logic Marselis. The track is tied together with cuts from DJ Blaze Daily.

The mini-album slows down the pace with “Five Panel Halo”, an airy sample without drums, followed by “Magnetik”, a rare instrumental on rap album.

This project has a lot of energy – and is reminiscent of the some of the classic rapper/producer albums of 90’s like Gangstarr and Showbiz and AG!

ullnevano x illien rosewell CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING 2

Ullnevano And Illien Rosewell have released Confidence Is Everything 2 via Bandcamp.  Neva Rhymes Eloquently Over Illien Rosewell's Superior Production Bringing A Champion Hoodie Vibe Right On Time For The Fall/Winter Season.

When Fredericksburg, VA producer Logic Marselis isn't doing work with emcee UllNevaNo, he's constantly knocking out instrumental albums, and his discography says a lot. Logic drops tapes at random without telling anybody because he's all about creating dope music for the masses. Being that Madlib is one of his biggest influences, his work ethic and focus is incomparable when releasing music. Logic has released a instrumental project entitled "Cheesesteak Eggrolls" which is a very popular carry out item in Baltimore, MD.  From visiting Baltimore on countless occasions, he's fascinated with how raw and authentic the city is, not to mention his favorite show is The Wire. One of the stand out instrumentals on the tape is the bass line driven "North Ave"  which takes listeners on a ride on one of the most famous streets in Baltimore.  Logic also takes you in for some cheesesteak eggrolls with hard drums on "Jerry's" which sounds like the equivalent of a 70's game show intro. That's where the idea of this beat tape came about, just from eating at Jerry's.  On "E Cold Spring Lane", Logic asks UllNevaNo for some assistance, which is the only track with vocals on the entire project.  Neva tells a very descriptive story on what goes down in a sneaker lineup when trying to purchase the latest pair of Jordan's by starting out the song with "hopped out the taxi/wearing taxi's". Each track title is a reference to the culture of Baltimore, so when you listen to it, think of it an ode to the city of a Baltimore from Logic's eyes. 

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